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Name:Random Recs
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Community description:Recommend stories for random fandoms
My personal rec community. Random fandoms, random genres, random updates. Subscribe or join as you like - there are no locked posts. Posting access is limited to myself. :)

Ratings, summaries, genres:

I'm changing neither summaries nor ratings (thus you may find both PG-13 and T or R and M), though I add /genre: crossover/ or /genre: AU/ if needed.

What you will find here:

Gen, het, slash. Any rating. All kinds of kink. A great number of fandoms (usually anime, books or tv shows). Any length (though I'm a fan of really *long* stories). Any genre (crossovers are likely to come up a lot).

What you will not find here:

Bad spelling/grammar. Mary Sues. Character bashing. Sugarhigh-induced chatspeak with sparkles. OOC-ness.

You can search by tags or memories:

Tags include authors, fandoms, length, and pairing.

Memories include fandoms, ratings, and crossovers where the fandom mentioned first is the one that would come first if listed alphabetically.


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